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Oenanthe crocata

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Therapy—The agent acquired a reputation in the treatment of epilepsy. It has cured a few violent cases and very many cases of petit mal. Fisk reported five cases cured, and other trustworthy investigators have had similar results. It is indicated in those cases which, instead of fullness of the capillary vessels of the brain and spinal cord, there is anemia of these organs more or less marked. This distinction was made by Henning, and is an important one.

It has proved of value in cases where epilepsy has resulted from injury, in cases where there is an impairment of the brain structure and imperfect cerebral circulation with impairment of the nutrition of the brain.

Eruptions of the skin in small doses.
Gall stones, tincture 1-5 drops.
Whitlows & foul ulcers in man & cattle, galled horses backs roots as poultice.