Substances & Homeopatic Remedies

Ononis spinosa

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Medicinal Uses

Antitussive; Aperient; Diuretic; Lithontripic.
The roots, leaves and flowers are antitussive, aperient, diuretic and lithontripic[7, 9, 13, 21, 46]. The root contains a fixed oil that is anti-diuretic and an essential oil that is diuretic. If the diuretic action is required then the root should be infused and not decocted or the essential oil will be evaporated[254]. An infusion is used in the treatment of dropsy, inflammation of the bladder and kidneys, rheumatism and chronic skin disorders[9]. The roots are used occasionally, they are harvested in the autumn, cut into slices and carefully dried for later use[9]. The young shoots are more commonly used, either fresh or dried[9]. They can be harvested throughout the summer[9].

A cough mixture is made from the bark[13].