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Ononis spinosa

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Ononis arvensis is indigenous to Britain, growing on barren pastures and on the borders of ill-cultivated fields. It owes its name, "Rest-harrow," to its tough underground roots, which cause stoppages to harrow and plough. In some parts it is called "Cammock," and the country people, having the idea that it communicates its nauseous, goat-like odor to cheese made from the milk of cows who have eaten it, call the cheese so tainted "cammocky" (Treasury of Botany).

Edible Uses

Flowers; Leaves; Root.
Young shoots - cooked[2, 105]. Used as a potherb[183].

Roots - chewed for their liquorice-like flavour[183].

Flowers - raw. They are used as a decoration on salads[7].