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Origanum vulgaris

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Because of its strong aroma, Oregano was considered a remedy against demons in ancient times. As a plant of the counter witchcraft the "dost" often was used as part of the bundle of herbs. In old myths the "dost" is often mentioned with Hypericum, Valeriana and Nigela as one of the main remedies used against witches (Marzall).

It is written as an effective remedy to prevent the bewitching of milk.. When hanging in the stable or in the house it was said to keep witches out. Numerous stories are told that the evil (devil, witch) had to run away from the "dost".

Dioscorides writes that leaves and flowers mixed with wine and being drunk should help to cure the bites of wild animals.
Aristoteles says that turtles, after they have swallowed a snake chew Oregano for better digestion.
Hildegard of Bingen says that touching or eating Oregano can cause leprosy. She also said that on the other hand it could cure persons who are already infected.