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Palladium metallicum

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Clinical information:

aggiunte MM
 MIND, AMBITION, much, ambitious
     MIND, APPEARANCE, concerned too much about his physical
     MIND, CONFIDENCE, want of self
     MIND, DELUSIONS, imaginations, appreciated, that she is not
     MIND, DELUSIONS, imaginations, deserted, forsaken
     MIND, DELUSIONS, imaginations, faces, sees
     MIND, DELUSIONS, imaginations, people, sees
     MIND, DELUSIONS, imaginations, person, another in the room
     MIND, DELUSIONS, imaginations, person, another in the room, protecting presence
     MIND, DELUSIONS, imaginations, present, some one is
     MIND, DREAMS, animals, of, mice
     MIND, DREAMS, animals, of, turkeys, proud like peacocks
     MIND, DREAMS, body, body parts, teeth, falling out
     MIND, DREAMS, buildings
     MIND, DREAMS, buildings, admirable
     MIND, DREAMS, buildings, walking in large and empty buildings
     MIND, DRESS, dresses, best, at his
     MIND, EATING, refuses
     MIND, EMPTINESS of the mind, sensation of
     MIND, FEAR, animals, of, mice, of
     MIND, HOUSEHOLD DUTIES, aversion to
     MIND, IRRESOLUTION, indecision
     GENERALITIES, FOOD and drinks, vinegar, aversion