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Paris quadrifolia

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Use: In earlier days, people used the herb to treat patients, who suffered of rabies. In folklore medicine, they used the fresh, crushed plant to treat wounds, boils and eye inflammations with. For internal use, it was the rootstem that was interesting. It was good as an emetic. The berries were used to exterminate lice with.

Toxic dose and symptoms: It´s rather common that children are toxicated by this herb, because they mix them up with blueberries. Lucky is, that our intestinal canals is bad to suck up the saponines from the herb, so the poisoning isn't lethal. If you eat about 30 – 40 berries, then you get a bad poisoning. The symptom begins with unwell; you get colic, diarrhea and painful cramps. On that you get headache, dizziness and the pupils get very small.