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Phaseolus vulgaris

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PHYSIOLOGICAL ACTION . The only accounts of the ill effects produced by eating raw beans are those of Dr. Demeures ( Jour . de la Societe Gall ., 1 Ser., 4, 112.) and William Dale, Esq.; ( Brit . Med . Jour ., 1864, 471) the latter I exclude here, as the beans were mildewed, and the severity of the symptoms, together with their character, appear to me to be due to the fungus. The symptoms produced in the first case were: Severe frontal headache accompanied by pain, soreness, and itching of the eyeball; eyeball painful to touch; pain in the epigastrium when touched, and hernia - like pain at right inguinal ring. Beans, when cooked, produce a well - known flatulency, which symptom I have also noted from a dose of about five drops of the tincture. The seeds certainly deserve a thorough proving, especially so if the symptoms recorded by Dale could be verified.

Toxicology – The roots produce giddiness in humans and in animals. The seeds contain trypsin/chymotripsin inhibitors. A case is quoted in which, after eating only a few raw beans, 3 boys, aged 4-8 years rapidly developed violent sickness and diarrhoea. The raw bean contains a toxoalbumin destroyed by cooking. After treatment with fluids and electrolytes, the boys made a complete recovery.