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Physalis alkekengi

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---Medicinal Action and Uses---The berries are aperient and diuretic, are employed in gravel, suppression of urine, etc., and are highly recommended in fevers and in gout. Ray stated that a gouty patient had prevented returns of the disorder by taking eight berries at each change of the moon. Dioscorides claimed that they would cure epilepsy. The country people often use them both for their beasts and for themselves, and especially for the after-effects of scarlet fever.

The leaves and stems are used for the malaise that follows malaria, and for weak or anaemic persons they are slightly tonic. A strong dose causes heaviness and constipation, but sometimes they have cured colic followed by diarrhoea.

While not so prompt in its action as sulphate of quinine, the powder is a valuablefebrifuge.

The leaves, boiled in water, are good for soothing poultices and fomentations.

---Dosage---From 6 to 12 berries, or 1/2 an oz. of the expressed juice.