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Piscidia erythrina

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Active Compounds:     
resins (piscidin, jamaicin, ichthynone), amorphous alkaloid, an isoflavonoid (sumatrol), rotenones (lisetin, piscerythrone and piscidone), organic acids (piscidic, fukiic, methylfukiic), beta-sitosterol, around 2% tannins
Organic acids, including piscidic acid, its mono- and diethyl esters, fukiic acid and its 3-0-methyl ester
Miscellaneous; b-sitosterol, tannins

Of varied structure, often with one or two prenyl groups [eg. -CH2-CH=CH-(CH3)2] &/or additional oxygenated rings on the isoflavone skeleton.
Following types found:
-> Isoflavones with typical three-ring structure, esp. Erythbigenin; Piscidone; Piscerythrone; many others.
-> Isoflavones with additional oxygenated 'chromene' ring adjacent to ring A (esp. Ichthynone & Jamaicin) or adjacent to ring C.
-> Lisetin with a furan ring formed between rings B & C.
-> Rotenoids with a five ring structure (incl. Rotenone, Millettone, Isomillettone, Dehydromillettone, Sumatrol, & others).
Including the tartaric acid derivatives Piscidic, Fukiic, & 3'O-methylfukiic acid.
beta-sitosterol & 2% Tannins.

Remedies For:  
Nervine, anodyne, anti-spasmodic.Jamaican Dogwood is a powerful sedative, used in its West Indian homeland as a fish poison. Whilst not being poisonous to humans, the given dosage level should not be exceeded. It is a powerful remedy for the treatment of painful conditions such as neuralgia and migraine. It can also be used in the relief of ovarian and uterine pain. Its main use is perhaps in insomnia where this is due to nervous tension or pain.Combinations: For the ease of insomnia it is best combined with Hops & Valerian. For dysmenorrhoea. it may be used with Black Haw.

Combinations: Piscidia combines well with Humulus and Valeriana in insomnia, and is used with Viburnum prunifolium in dysmenorrhoea

Medicinal Uses/Indications
Jamaica dogwood is used to treat the following conditions.
·    Neuralgia
·    Nervous debility
·    Insomnia
·    Migraine
·    Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)
·    Violent toothache
·    Whooping cough
It is also used for these qualities: analgesic, cardiotonic (helps the heart muscle work better), diuretic (promotes excretion of salts and water from the kidney), hypnotic, antispasmodic, and for dilating the pupil of the eye.