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Polymnia uvedalia

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Of great use applied externally in stimulating the growth of the hair, and is an ingredient of many American hair ointments and lotions. Polymnia uvedalia Used for quick pain relief.
This is a traditional specific remedy for enlargement of the liver and spleen.  

Action: anodyne, antiemetic, antirheumatic, disinfectant, emetic, febrifuge, gentle laxative, hair tonic, laxative, sedative, stimulant Used to Treat: abdominal distention, alopecia, burns, kidney ailments, malaria, orthopedic ailments, pain, pelvic congestion, scrofula, skin ailments, sluggish digestion, women's ailments Indigenous.

Specific Indications and Uses.-Full, sodden, inelastic, flabby tissues; splenic and hepatic enlargements, fullness, weight and burning in the region of liver, stomach and spleen ' congestive states and impaired functions of the parts supplied by the coeliac axis; impaired blood-making with tumid abdomen; low inflammatory deposits.