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Rhamnus frangula

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during the drying process ( at least one year ) the glucofrangularisids  ( = glycosides )  oxidate  and change into  antrachinon - and dianthronderivates . These mave a laxative action by  increasing watercontent of the stools .
there have always been intoxications with children , therefore it is not recommended to grow the plant in parks. The typical acute intoxicationsymptoms are nausea, vomiting , abdominal colics and bloody diarrhoea. Chronic intoxication results in constipation, kidneydamage, muscleweakness and heartfailure.
In Germany there is an official warning not to take the substance in pregnancy or during lacturation
there is one report of  a epileptic convulsion in a child after ingestation of alderberries in homeopathic literature , St Petersburg Neue Wochenschrift Nr 37,1885 ( see referrence works )