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Rhododendron chrysantum

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Pribaikal’e (Irkutsk region) and Zabaikal’e (Buryatia and Chita region).
In Tibetan medicine, Rh. aureum is used under the names shu-mkhan or da-li
for the treatment of rheumatism and for cardiovascular and diuretic means.
Experimentally, it was found that Rh. aureum drugs have pronounced effects on
the heart in patients with cardiovascular insufficiency, reducing shortness of breath,
palpitations, edema and venous pressure, and increasing the speed of blood flow
and diuresis. Rh. aureum extracts have bactericidal effects against pathogenic
microflora, especially streptococcus and staphylococcus, due to the presence of
phenols and essential oil.

It has been reported that the plant is of anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective functions against related diseases, which is probably due to its anti-oxidant efficacy sourced from flavonoids, saponins and phenolic compounds, Xiong et al. have found that the root of the plant is able to regulate kidney function by reducing the activity of NF-κB