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Sabal serrula

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Edible Uses
Fruit; Seed.
Fruit - raw or cooked[238]. A sweet flavour but with a soapy taste and a strong vanilla-like aroma[238]. Regular consumption of the fruit is supposed to be very beneficial to the health, improving the digestion and helping to increase weight and strength[238].

Seed - raw or cooked[238].
This species has lately come into use as a valuable material for the manufacture of paper. The finest and most durable paper is made from it

 The Indians used the fruit for catarrhal complaints of the nose, inspiring the vapour above a pot of the boiling fruit. They also used it as an aphrodisiac and diuretic.

     Article by Dr. S. F. Dupon, Fort Harrack, Georgia, from the  American Therapist , in the Homoeopathic Recorder, January, 1893, Vol. VIII, No. 1, page 28.
     "As an evidence of the health-giving properties of the  Saw palmetto , it may be mentioned that during the "off years", when the fruit is in season, every species of animal becomes fat - even poultry. During hard winters, animals and poultry stand the cold better and remain in good condition when they have access to this article of food...... I
Other Uses
Basketry; Brush; String.
The leaf stems have been used in making baskets[257].

The plant has been used to make brushes and cordage[257].