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Salicylicum acidum

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acidum salicylic        C6H4OH, COOH.



Traditional name

Salicylic acid
 English: Salicyclic acid; French: Acide Salicylique; German: Salicylisaure.

Used parts

     (a) Trituration 1x, Drug strength 1/10
     Acidum Salicylicum 100g


Salicylicum acidum
     Minerals; Organic Compounds; Acyclic Carbon Compounds; Cyclic Carbon Compounds


Original proving

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Description of the substance

Salicylicum Acid is found in Spiraea Ulmaria blossoms, in Wintergreen leaves (gaultheria procumbens)and in Viola Tricolor which contains salicylicum acid in parts of the fresh plant, principally in the roots, stems and leaves. It may also be prepared from salicin, a glucoside , the neutral principle of the leaves and barks of willows; moreover, it is obtained synthetically from carbolic acid.
Almost colourless crystalline powder; almost odorless; slightly soluble in water but soluble in boiling water and freely soluble in alcohol. When rapidly heated at ordinary atmospheric pressure it decomposes into phenol and carbon dioxide.
Salicylicum Acid was first prepared by the Italian chemist R. PIRIA  in 1838 from salicylaldehyde.
 As an antiseptic it has the advantage of not evaporating as it is non - volatile and can therefore be exposed to the air longer than most other preservatives.