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Salicylicum acidum

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It is chiefly used in the preparation of Aspirin in the form of a sodium salt, Natrum salicylicum (C6H4OH, COONa) salicylate of soda. Its action is antipyretic and analgesic, especially against acute reumatism. It is also used as a preventive of trombosis; in this case the action is due partly to the carbonic and partly to the carbolic acid. It is , moreover, used to prepare phenyl salicylate for sunburn creams and enteric-coated pills and to make salicylanide for uses as a fungicide and mildew preventive. Salicylicum Acid is a component of preparations used to combact  warts, corns, calluses. Large amounts of the crude acid are used in the manufacture of certain classes of dyes.