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Provings - Salvia officinalis - Substances & Homeopatic Remedies - For Homeopaths - Homeovision

Substances & Homeopatic Remedies

Salvia officinalis

Requests: If you need specific information on this remedy - e.g. a proving or a case info on toxicology or whatsoever, please post a message in the Request area so that all users may contribute.

Macfarlan : High Pot. Provings. Hom. Phys., V. 12, p. 99; V. 13, p. 275. Hahn. Mo., V. 27, p. 351.


proved 2004 in Austria, Dr. R.Flick, Dr. W.Glueck, 6 provers, published in the Austr. journal "Documenta Homoeopathica No.26" and here in the portal