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Saponaria officinalis

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"Then I will find some soaproot and purify myself, the way Iza taught me." (...)
"I'd like a little soaproot myself."
"I'll get some for you," she said.
He was grinning as he walked along the stream behind Ayla, and after she dug the soaproot and went back up to the cave, he flung himself into the water (...) He pounded the soapy foam from the roots, rubbed it on his body, then took off the leather thong and worked it into his hair. Sand usually worked well enough, but soaproot was better.
MH 28, 456 Ritual Purification
It was too early in the year to find lathering soaproot, and the countryside was too open for horsetail fern, which grew in shady damp places. She had to find alternatives to the traditional Clan cleansing agents.
PP 7, 95 "I'm even going to wash my hair. I saw some soaproot growing downstream. Are you going to come for a swim?"
"Yes, I will. I may even wash my hair, if you can find enough of that soaproot for me," Jondalar said (...)
PP 7, 96 "Oh, there they are," Ayla said, seeing the rather tall, somewhat straggling plants with light pink flowers and leaves shaped like spear points, that she had noticed earlier. With her digging stick she quickly loosened several roots and pulled them out.
On their way back, she searched for a flat, hard stone or piece of wood, and a rounded stone to crush the soaproot and release the saponin, which would foam into a light cleansing lather in the water.
PP 11, 178 "I'm not sorry the clothes got wet," Ayla said, arranging a loincloth. "I found some soaproot and washed mine while I was waiting for you."
PP 12, 199 (...) then she found soapwort and they had bathed and washed their hair.
PP 16, 265 Ayla rubbed the saponin-rich flowers between her wet hands until a foam developed; then she worked it into her hair. The foam from ceanothus wasn't as rich as soaproot lather, but this was a final washing and the pale blue petals left a pleasant mild scent. (...) Ayla was sure she'd be able to find some plant that they could use to wash with, but she was pleasantly surprised to find both soaproot and ceanothus (...)

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