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Sarothamnus scoparium

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Was the "Gen" of the Celts. It has long been an emblem of humility. St. Louis of France established the order of Knighthood called L'Ordre du Genest, on his wedding day. They wore a chain of broom flowers and fleur - de - lis with a cross on which was enscribed "Deus exaltat humiles". It was from ancient times the badge of Brittany. It was used by the Plant agenets of Anjou and in the seal of Richard I. Henry VIII of England "was wont to drink the distilled water of the broom flowers against surfeits and diseases thereof arising:. Culpepper places it under the domain of Mars. Pickled broom buds were a common ingredient in salads in Tudor and Stewart periods. It is supposed to be the "Cytisus" of Virgil.
     An old Sussex proverb says: "If you sweep the house with blossomed broom in May - You are sure to sweep the head of the house away."

Magical Use: Broom flowers bound with colored ribbons are carried at weddings. Couples may choose to "jump the broom" as they make their transition to a new station of life. Broom can be substituted for furze (gorse)) at Spring Equinox. The Irish called it the "Physician's Power" because of its diuretic shoots. Sweep your outside ritual areas with it to purify and protect. Burning the blooms and shoots calms the wind. Hang indoors for protection and purification. Toss in the air or bury it to raise or calm winds.