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Scutellaria laterifolia

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Scutellaria is officinal in the U. S. Ph. as  Extractum Scutellariae Fluidum ; in the Eclectic Materia Medica it is recommended in the same preparation as well as  Extractum Scutellariae Alcoholicum ,  Infusum Scutellariae ,  Extractum Scutellariae
Composita , (Scutellaria, Cypripedium, Humulus, and Lactuca.) and  Pilulae Valerianae Compositae . (Scutellaria, Valeriana, Chamomilla, Eupatorium, Quinine, and Capsicum.)

Chemical constituents . According to the analysis of Cadet, this species contains:  alpha , a greenish - yellow fixed oil, soluble in ether;  Beta , an essential oil;  Gamma , a bitter principle, soluble in water, alcohol, and ether;  Delta , a peculiar volatile matter;  Epsilon , a peculiar astringent principle;  Phi , albumen;  Nu , a sweet mucoid body; and the usual plant constituents.
     [ Scutellarine . (Scutelline, so called, is valueless.) - This unclassifiable substance is a precipitate, by alum, of the evaporated tincture made with 76 per cent. alcohol, after dilution with several times its bulk of water. It results as a neutral non - resin, in the form of a greenish (Chlorophyll.) - brown, gritty, resinous powder, insoluble in water, and partly soluble in alcohol and ether. It is said to retain the activity of the plant as far as known.]

Physiological action . Gordon's experiments with form 10 to 60 drops of the tincture resulted substantially as follows: Mental confusion and stupor; headache and vertigo; photophobia with dilated pupils; scanty urine, with difficult micturition; variable pulse with final reduction of the heart's action from 70 - 72 to 52 with intermission; general languor and tremulousness; followed by wakefulness and restlessness