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Senecio aureus

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The huge genus Senecio, a member of the daisy family. Its name is rooted in the Latin senex, for "old man", though the genus is neither stooped, frail, crochety, nor inherently wise. The story's much more homespun than that. Turns out that once upon a time, a botanist gazed upon the plant's fluffy,  white seed heads and was reminded of his own grandfather's head of wiry, silver-gray hair. The suggestion was so strong, the botanist borrowed the image to give the plant its Latin name.

Charming, no? So what if I made it up, the explanation's entirely plausible. What is true is
that the "old man" reference has been knocking around since the first century A.D., when the great naturalist Pliny made note of the plant's hoary, senescent flowers. Ketzel Levine