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Sequoia sempervirens

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The Redwood is rarely used as wandwood for several reasons. One of the largest reasons being history(see Prehistory). Wands have been in use for a very long time, but the Americas are relatively new discovery in the history of wands. And the West Coast a yet more recent find. Many wondmakers, rather old-fashioned in their wand crafting, entirely ignore the existence of the redwoods.
Another reason of the rarity of Sequoia wands is the unusualness of the correct wizard/witches coming across them. This shal be explained later in this chapter. Redwood can be combined with a variety of magical cores, the most usual of them being, of course, drogon's heartstring. Both have connotations of bravery and are, when chisen, picked by natural leaders and thinkers. Some spuculate tha Albus Dumbledore hiimself uses this tipe of wand, but those rumors are unsubstantiated by any of his statements in private  or to the press. But the most unusual and dangerous wand is Sequoia sempervirens and Nundu bone.
The Nundu inhabits East Africa alone, and is by far the most dangerous beast alive. It is giant leopard whose breath has been known to eliminate entire villages. These traits as well as the connotations the wizarding community places upon the word "Nundu", encourage it's rarity. in fact, no more than ten wands with Any part of Nundu in them are stillin circulation, four of which reside  in the back rooms of Ollivanders, a prestigious wand  manufaturer.

The Redwood, superior in height to any other tree, has a great deal of strength and power associated with it, much of which is true. When combined with Nundu bone, the results(seen once, exhibited by Superiora Dangeruesa, the only known owner of a Nundu/redwood combination) can be catastrophic. The wand will only choose a wizard with a strong inclination towards power, strength and utter tragedy. The wizard/witch who is chosen by this wand is likely, or more than likely, to become a strong Dark magic user.
In the case of Superiora, the rose of the height of her power during the reign of Th dark Lord, She use her wand to destroy the hinabitants of an American sity contaning well over two  million hinabitants. The catastrophe was later explained as an earthquake. She later reportedly challenged the Dark lord to a duel, which she would likely have won,were it not for the interference of one Antonin Dolohow, using the Jelly-legs, confused her long  anough to allow You Know Who to gain the upper hand.