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Silica terra

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White quartz crystals are regarded as rain-stones by certain  Queensland, Australia, tribes and are attached to the rain-sticks in the  rain-making ceremonies.  The people in Northern Queensland search for the  white crystals in the mountains, pulverize them, and use the powder to  simulate, or *be*, rain in their mimetic rain-making rite.  The powder is  showered over the women by the men while the women hold wooden troughs over  their head to keep off the "rain".  Th people of New South Wales also  regard quartz crystal as a rain-stone.  The rain-maker holds a fragment of  it in his mouth and spits it toward the sky during the ceremony.

       Quartz was in common use among the North American Indian centuries  before the white man came among them.  Arrowheads, knives, and ornaments of  quartz have been found in the investigated mounds.  Quartz crystals  surmounting ceremonial wands have been unearthed in Southern California..  The Cherokee used them for divining stones.  In Ife (West Africa) there are  still ceremonial stools carved from a solid piece of quartz.  Among the  Hottentots, where iron is tabu to the priest, he uses a sharp quartz  implement for sacrificing animals and circumcising young boys.

       In early British folk belief quartz pebbles were called star-stones  and were constantly sought for their curative properties.  Nine star-stones  collected from a running brook, boiled in a quart of water from the same  brook, would impart their curing power to the water, which was given to the  patient for nine successive mornings.  In the Shetland Islands quartz  pebbles were said to cure sterility; they were collected by women and  thrown into a pool wherein they washed their feet.  In Persian folk  practice quartz crystals are sometimes put on babies to ensure their  getting enough mother's milk.

The history, mythology and lore of quartz crystals have provided the material for several books. Almost all societies from the dawn of man have held quartz crystals in esteem. Some used them for utilitarian purposes, more have used them for mystical purposes and in religious ceremonies and offerings to obtain the favors of their Gods. Who hasn't heard of "looking into the crystal" to read the future? This belief was prominent in many cultures, from eastern and western Europe to China and even among Native Americans.

Modern metaphysical belief has ascribed to quartz many amazing powers. There have been so many claims made about what quartz can do, or help you do, that I can only list a few here:

Enhances the body and the mind.
Activates the pineal and pituitary gland.
Balances the emotions.
Stimulates brain function and amplifies thought forms.
Activates all levels of consciousness.
Dispels negativity in one's personal energy field and environment.
Receives, stores, transmits, activates and amplifies energy.
Aids meditation and communication with the Higher Self and Spirit guides.

American Indian Shamans used quartz crystals as divining and hunting charms believing that they were inhabited by spirits, who had to be fed periodically by rubbing the quartz crystals with deer's blood.

Since the middle ages quartz crystal balls have been used to predict the future. But, in the tomb of Childeric, dating back to 481                                 A.D, a quartz crystal sphere was found. A number of crystal balls have been found in a number of ancient tombs. Crystal balls were also placed in tombs of all the kings of France.

A griffin carved of quartz crystal produces an abundance of milk.

It has been said that the huge stones used in the building of Solomon's temple were somehow levitated by the use of quartz crystal. The stones used in building the pyramids were somehow levitated by focusing the mind mental energy through quartz crystals.

It has also been said that quartz can store information, somewhat like a computer that can be accessed by holding the crystal in hand and requesting an instant replay. It is said to store the history and science of ancient civilizations.

Priests and priestesses would supposedly draw down fire from heaven to light alter fires by focusing sunlight through quartz crystals. (My mother-in-law almost burned down her house by setting a quartz crystal sphere on black velvet in a sunny window.) Quartz focused sunlight was also used to cauterize wounds.

The Chinese Emperor Wu built marvelous buildings to honor the gods and all the doors of the buildings were made of quartz crystal so that a flood of light poured into the interior.

In Japan the smaller quartz crystals were thought to be the congealed breath of the white dragon. The larger crystals were said to be the saliva of the violet dragon.

The name suisho used in Japan and China was thought to be ice frozen so long that it would never thaw.

Generator crystals are said to have provided all the electrical power, communications, heat, light and transportation for whole cities in the dead days of Atlantis and                                 Lemuria.

Quartz is the most programmable stone of the mineral kingdom. Quartz crystal is said to be the universal healing stone. It's like the universal blood type. It can clarify what needs to be healed or balanced and assist in the transformation.

As you turn a clear quartz crystal around in bright light you may see a rainbow inside. These crystals promote hope, happiness and optimism while awakening us to the beauty of nature.

This is a very powerful stone, not only for it's healing powers, but for it's ability to balance and harmonize our energy. This is a great stone to meditate with to gain personal clarity. 

The quartz crystal is the connection between the physical dimension and the dimensions of the mind. This is one of the many reasons it has been used in crystal balls for divining the future. Quartz is also good for astral projection, the 7th chakra, as well as altering consciousness.