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Skookumchuck Aqua

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In Chinook Indian jargon, the name Skookumchuck means "good water." Obviously, the Indians knew a good thing.
The word Skookumchuck means "strong water" or "turbulent water" in Chinook


Traditional name

Skookum Limechen Chuc

Used parts

Salts of water from Medical Lake near Spokane, Wash


Minerals; Inorganic; More Inorganic Compounds


hot spring

Original proving

no proving

Description of the substance

The second largest salt water rapids in the world, Skookumchuck Rapids boils as huge volumes of water force their way through Skookumchuck Narrows at the north end of Sechelt Inlet. Skookumchuck means 'strong water' or 'turbulent water' in Chinook.
Skookumchuck Narrows located north of Vancouver, Canada east of the town of Earl's Cove in the Sechelt Inlet. It is a tidal narrows that is popular with Kayakers because of the large waves that appears on a flow tide. The speed of the current in the narrows is between 10 and 15 knots

Skookumchuck Hot Springs

Warm pools in a remote and scenic valley near a dirt road. Swimwear superfluous. Buhl Creek has a cluster of small, shallow pools plus one much larger one, actually a warm pond. At the time tested, none were very hot, ranging from 87 to 92 degrees F/30.5 to 33.3 degrees C. Some of the pools lie along the creek and submerge during spring runoff. Other pools border the pond. The nicest pools can be found just upstream from the old bridge abutment. Warm water seeps in and around the whole area, and the temperature is said to rise as the creek level recedes over the summer months. The setting is a small open meadow bordered by wooded slopes.

Here's a unique and charming hot springs that is primitive, yet you soak in large fiberglass tubs and can actually control the temperature by adjusting the now of hot mineral water and cooling spring water. And it requires little or no hike. The two tubs, actually a storage tank that was sawed in half, each accommodate a half dozen soakers. The spring water pours in at about 130 degrees, far too hot for soaking, but another pipe brings in the spring water. By adjusting the two intakes, a comfortable temperature may be achieved. An A-frame structure covers one pool while the other is out in the open. Bathing suits are normally optional, or up to the mutual agreement of those present.Skookumchuck, about 35 miles south of the little town of Mount Currie, is open year around. But in the winter, there may be snow on the road. Even if the road into the springs is impassable, it is short and can easily be hiked. The hot springs are on private property, but permission is not required. Relax in the tubs knowing that there is an historical precedent for soaking here.
The starting point for this springs is Mount Curie, a small town at the northern outpost of B.C. Highway 99 (the route that goes north from Vancouver and past the Whistler ski resort area). From Mount Curie drive about thirty-four miles south on the logging road that hugs the Lillooet River. Start watching for B.C. Hydro tower number 682, where you turn right onto a narrow dirt road which leads to a campground. This road can be slippery and nearly impassable in the dampness of winter, so the last quarter of a mile may have to be hiked. The hot springs are at the end of this road.