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Solanum nigrum

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Properties and Action According to Indigenous Medical Systems: Guna – Laghu, Snigdha  
Rasa – Tikta   
Veerya –Anushna  
Vipak – Katu
Action (karma), Relieves hoarseness of voice, Shukrajanan (spermatogenic), Rasayan (rejuvenating), good for eyes and helpful in Shoth (inflammation), Kushta (skin diseases), Arsh (piles), Jwar (fever), Prameh, Vaman (vomiting).
Black nightshade This Saturn plant favors borders between what is cultivated and what is wild just as Hekate knew the border between the dead and living well enough to lead Persephone from the Underworld back to the world of light and her mother, Demeter.  Like the other nightshades (belladonna, mandrake, henbane, datura, scopolia), black nightshade is often involved in lunar magick or works related to death.