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Sphingurus martini

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porcupines do not throw their quills like legend says they do.

How The Porcupine Got His Quills

 As with any legend there are many versions. This version was written after consulting a number of written sources on Menominee Legends.
Long ago when the first porcupine was placed on the earth by the Great Spirit he had no quills. Porcupine was a gift to the Menominee Tribe and he was given a beautiful coat of fur.

Porcupine's beauty made the other animals jealous. Every day the animals would come to Porcupine and tell him how much they wished their fur looked like his.

Now Porcupine knew he was beautiful but he didn't pay any attention to the other animals. As time went by and every day he heard how wonderful he looked he decided to see for himself.

While Porcupine was taking his morning walk he stopped by the stream to admire his fur.

Now the Great Spirit noticed Porcupine gazing at himself in the stream. The Great Spirit watched Porcupine for ten moons as he sat by the clear water admiring his own beauty.

The Great Spirit had a system of rewards and punishment for every creature. The Great Spirit knew that the time had come to punish Porcupine. The Great Spirit decided to take away Porcupine's beautiful fur and cover his body with ugly sharp quills.

Porcupine wears his coat of quills yet today. This is why he hides during the day and will only come out at night.