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Spongia tosta

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According to old popular customs, in homoeopathy the sponge is toasted: in the past a sponge broth (boiled sponge juice) was used as an  aphrodisiac and to induce birth.  In South America it was the remedy to treat cancer (it should be recalled that sponge cells are highly undifferentiated and grow in an abnormal and disorderly way).
Spongia was employed to heal organism metabolic diseases of regular structure: e.g.  bones and  tissues which grow hard.  When toasted the mineral trophism of the remedy was enhanced. In old times it was also used to treat thyroid diseases though it was still not known that it contained iodine and the role of this latter with regard to thyroid.  By metaphorical analogy it was believed that as the sponge is crossed through by a big water flow, so thyroid, which is plenty of blood vessels , is run through by a heavy blood flow. Furthermore, due to its position in between the head and the body it is crossed by vital flows.