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Stannum metallicum

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Tin hand-mades has been discovered in the old egyptians coffin wich probabily they considered this element like a different form of  lead.

The biggest planet in our solar system is of course the rightful place for the chief-god Jupiter. When it comes to Jupiter always think in terms of big-much-many: abundance, prosperity, growth and success. Sagittarius is depicted as the centaur, half-man, half-beast, who aims high (= ideals, beliefs, positivity) with his bow and arrow. The centaur symbolizes man who has grown above his instinctive state and who has gathered social values and wisdom. With the combination of growth, believing and a positive attitude it is not surprising that Jupiter is the planet of healing, regeneration and rejuvenation. Medical astrology places the liver (lust for life, and our chemical laboratory), enzymes (catalyzers in biological processes) and the tongue (taste) under rulership of Jupiter

Magickal use of tin:

Use tin in rituals/spells promoting abundance, prosperity, success in business and in legal matters, stimulation, attracting what you desire, energy, healing, regeneration and rejuvenation.
Standard amulets and talismans can be bought in pewter (an alloy of 91 % tin with some antimony and copper to make it stronger) Don't forget to charge them to make them work!
To help sick people regenerate: serve their food on a tin plate and their drinks in a tin vessel.