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The patient was 35 at the initial intake. He was referred by his adopted mother, a therapist, who came to a local talk I’d done on PTSD. He is African American, thin and well built. The patient had been frequently moved around from foster home to foster home as a young boy. At one of those homes in particular, he was frequently abused in a variety of ways. Finally he was adopted by a wonderful family.

He was mild mannered and soft spoken. He paused frequently, sometimes for long moments. He would often look like he was struggling to form thoughts at times, often putting his hand to his forehead as if working hard to come up with thoughts. In addition, throughout treatment, especially in the beginning, he often would struggle with basic concepts. His presentation is somewhat scattered. I found it necessary at times to focus him with a variety of prompts.





Woman, 36 year old . Diagnosis: Extreme form of bulimia, history of sexual abuse, insomnia, urticaria , psychiatric disease. She had a very deep change of her life with Stramonium