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Succinum acidum

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Traditional name

(Constituent of Papaveraceae) + tubercular miasm

Used parts

Amber. (A mineralized resin ( Harz ) not to be confounded with Ambergris, Ambra.) Trituration. Solution of the non-rectified oil (Oleum Succini non rectificatum) prepared by dry distillation of Amber. Solution of Succinic acid. C4H6O4.


Succinic Acid
     Syn.: HOOC - CH2- CH2-COOH
     Succinicum acidum
     Minerals; Organic Compounds; Acyclic Carbon Compounds


th, th3, papaveraceae

Original proving

Dr. Morris Weiner, of Baltimore, 1892
Eising, Nuala Burren School of Homoeopathy, Caherawoneen, Kinvara, Co.Galway, Eire (Ireland)

Description of the substance

Origin. Succinic acid is found ready - formed in amber, from which by heating in iron retorts, it may be readily obtained. It is also found in some of the resins of coniferous trees, in Artemesia, Lactuca, etc. It is among the products of the action of nitric acid upon most fatty and waxy substances; it is found in small quantity in various animal fluids, and in wines and fermented liquors, being formed during the production of sugar. It is also obtainable from calcium malate in the presence of decomposing casein, as well as from tartrates, etc.