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Theridion curassavicum

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Aracnida - Girl from Lydia (Greece) who had no rival in the art of embroidery. She wanted to compete with Minerva, embroidering a work where was represented the immortals love.

Minerva, desperate for not being able to find the slightest imperfection in that work, and considering herself beaten, destroyed it, converting Aracnida in the animal known by her name.

Argiope - Nymph from the greek mythology, daughter of Apollo, worshiped in Delphos, where was given to her the organization of the ladies chorus who sung in praise of Loto and his sons.

Erigone - Daughter of Clitemnestra and Egisto, her lover. She was saved by Artemis from the revenge of Orestes, legitim son of Clitemnestra and Agamemnon.

Licaon - King of Arcadia. During a festivity for occasion of Zeus visit, he served human flesh to this god. For such an outrage, Licaon and his sons were killed by lightning or, in other versions, transformed into wolves.

Metis - Wise counsellor, personified in the greek mythology; the wiser, between gods or men. She was the first woman of Zeus. This, afraid that Metis gave to birth a son even wiser than she was, devoured her in the beginning  of her pregnancy.