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Tilia cordata

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Clinical information:

A proving of Tilia cordata

     Robert Bannan, Czech Republic

I had an image of a tree which on my description someone recognised as the Czech national tree, the tilia kordata.

     In Czech tradition the tree grows near cottages as a protection, as no bad things can happen when it is there. If it is cut down it will have unhappy consequences.

     As the national tree I thought afterward it would not be amiss to add a little Czech history as it is consistent with the theme of the proving.

     This nation is in the heart of Europe, sandwiched between Germany and Russia. In the past the Austro-Hungarian empire also. I have heard Czechs refer to their country as "the piece of meat in the lions mouth". Czech was a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire for three hundred years until after the first world war, it then had twenty years of independence before the Germans marched in again and following the second world war, over forty years as a part of Greater Russia. It seems that any powerful state with expansionist tendencies (all of them) regards this small and pleasant land as naturally its own.

     It is interesting to note that at present Germany is quietly but forcefully working on reestablishing its claims to the Sudetenland, a part of the Czech Republic. Czechs with an eye on the lessons of history might at this point start feeling a little uncomfortable!

     Thirty one students of 90 attending the summer school took a single dose of the 30th potency prepared in the Hahnemannian manner. The remedy was prepared from pieces of root, bark, young leaf, buds and flowers collected in May and macerated together in alcohol for two weeks. This was then decanted and the potencies made.

Robert Bannan      (Links 1996)