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Usnea barbata

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named because of yellow-green color

( usnic- yellow )


Traditional name

Used parts

whole fresh lichen


Type of: lichen
Part of: genus Usnea, Usnea

Fungi; Ascomycetes - Ascomycetes; Ascomycetidae; Lecanorales; Parmeliaceae



Original proving

Description of the substance

Description: Filamentous, pendulous, long, crowded, scabrous and tabullous, more or less cylindrical, variously branched, greyish - green or yellowish - green attached at the base by a sheath or by a penetrating holdfast; structure radiate, with a firm chondroid central axis or rarely hollow, the cortical layer thin, of branching swollen hyphae. Apothecia mostly rather large, lateral or terminal peltate, the disc mostly light coloured with a thalline generally ciliate margin; hypothecium colourless with underlying gonidia; paraphyses concreate, branched, septate; spores 8, small ellipsoid, simple. Spermogones lateral, immersed or slightly branched stigmata and acrogenous spermatia.
     Part used: Entire lichen.