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Xerophyllum tenax

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Areas of potential use:
Spinal column injuries (nerve related), back injuries in general, headaches, psychic vampirism (stops it), Master Healer, general tonic, dissolves psychic blocks in aura, dizziness, dyslexia, seasonal disorder (winter 'blues'), sore throat, insomnia, over-active mind, heart wounding emotionally, eyelids, and respiratory or breathing distress. On a spiritual level, it is the "visionary.'
Major Chakra: Crown chakra, the head.
Secondary Chakra: Mental body of aura and Solar Plexus Chakra, the stomach.

Doctrine of Signatures:
The way a plant is shaped, where it grows, the color of the flowers, the surrounding soil it lives in, and the weather it endures yearly, will have a direct correspondence to the human body anatomically and physiologically as well as symbolically on a spiritual, mental and emotional plane, too. This is recognized in homeopathy and is known as the Doctrine of Signatures or DOS.
Bear Grass from a strictly physiology and anatomy standpoint, when compared to the human form, is a plant that is specific for two major areas of the body: the entire spinal column bone vertebras and the head. This is confirmed by the provers and the symptoms they experienced after taking this Natural Essence.
The white colors of the flower, which have a pale cream or yellowish over lay on them, speaks of two areas. First, the color white is ALL colors. From a metaphysical stand point, that means any white flower can address any block of any chakra in our body, and that it will go to that dysfunctioning chakra and begin to address the issues with it. Bear Grass, because it is white, has a primary chakra of the Crown Chakra or our head. Anyone having head-related problems on any level (spiritual, mental, emotional or physical) should check out the symptoms more closely to see if you have them. If you do, then this is the NE for you.
The cream color or yellowish cast to the flowers is indicative of the yellow color of our mental body in our aura, which is a yellow color, too. Yellow is also the color of our Solar Plexus chakra, where we carry all our fears and anxieties, too--as well as our desire to shape the dreams and visions we want for our future. Bear Grass works in a secondary fashion on this particular chakra.
Bears from a symbolic and mythological standpoint are powerful, natural healers. It is no accident that this wildflower got that name. The Native Americans accurately knew that this plant has special abilities and powers. There are only three animals on 'turtle island' (North America) that have 'humps' on them: bears, buffalo and turtles. It is said that they carry powerful magic and healing in those humps--the type of healing they can do is known only to the medicine man or woman who is given the gift of journeying into that hump to see what is there. It is a sacred and secret information and once it is divulged to the healer, it remains as such. However, the medicine person can then 'call' upon that animal as a powerful assistant during ceremonies to heal others--and the gift within the hump can be transfer to the sick individual, as a result.
The 'hump' at the top of the Bear Grass, which looks like a human's head, is reminiscent of this. There is a gift within the Bear Grass that affects us on all levels--but starts first and foremost, with our head, our attitudes, our prejudices, our fears, anxieties and everything else that clutters our growth or stifles us from evolving more quickly.
Bears also have an innate ability, like turtles: and that is hibernation. This plant helps us go inward, to discover the best of ourselves, our potential. Our best teachers are within us. All we have to do is take time to listen. Bear Grass helps us reach these deep levels within ourselves and to mine the treasure trove that each of us possesses. It inspires a unique kind of creativity of ideas, of dormant skills or talents that have, up to now, lain passive and unused. Not with Bear Grass being taken!
People with the seasonal disorder may want to try this Natural Essence; since it has an affinity for hibernation. It is a powerful cleanser, and people with this disorder usually have blocks in the Pineal Gland or third eye chakra. It may be able to clear away the block or dross so that the endocrine gland can work properly and in doing so, the seasonal disorder symptoms will dissolve.
Along metaphysical lines, the spinal column is known to house the Kundalini Energy which resides in our Root Chakra as the base of our tailbone or coccyx region. Kundalini is well known in Eastern Religions. Hatha Yoga is said to cultivate not only its 'awakening' but to training it to rise upon one's will. It is said the 'snake' of the Kundalini, that pale, clear liquid, rises and then moves in a specified order upward, weaving in and our of our Chakras, but always returning to the spine as it moves upward. Once the Kundalini is activated, it moves into the head, like a pressure that is felt from the inside outward. Once the Crown Chakra opens, the Kundalini energy shoots out the top of our head and connects in with the white, loving energy of the Cosmos/God/Goddess. It is in that state that a person becomes ascended. The halo seen around the head of Christ is indicative of a fully realized Kundalini, for example.
Because Bear Grass looks like our spinal column and the 'head' of the flowering raceme is large and looks like a head on a spinal column, the potential to develop our Kundalini, get it up and moving, can be realized here. How much or little depends upon the individual, where their heart, intent and growth is at or where you want to go with it. Bear Grass does clear out etheric dross from the spinal column to allow smooth transit of the Kundalini energy up and down our spinal column. If you want to stimulate the Kundalini, look to Ocotillo to do that--but use it judiciously. Bear Grass paves the way for further Kundalini development.
Bear Grass has the affinity of a 'general tonic'--and this means that it can be taken routinely, perhaps seven days out of each month, to do a 'tune-up' on ourselves, clean out our Chakras, clear our head and keep in touch with the creative, growing parts of ourselves.