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Zincum muriaticum

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Some escharotics have a high percentage of mineral based constituents, zinc chloride, chromium chloride, arsenic trisulphide, etc. These tend to be very aggressive and usually less capable of discriminating healthy from malignant tissue. Historically, certain experts, such as Dr. Eli G. Jones (1911), used such escharotics on large tumors and combinations of these with botanical ingredients where the tumors were smaller, closer to the surface of the skin, or exposed.

Mohs and Hoxsey both used a combination of antimony (stibnite), zinc chloride, and bloodroot, thus combining the allopathic and holistic traditions of countless centuries.

The Mohs Method is now standard for many kinds of skin cancer, but Mohs himself successfully used the paste in association with minor surgery on many other kinds of cancer as well.