Concept of classical homeopathy in veterinary medicine

Novosadyuk T.V.

Int J High Dilution Res 2012; 11(40):206-207

Homeopathic treatment in veterinary medicine was limited to use of symptomatic potentiated remedies in consequence of the lack of oral communication with animals and the consequence unavailability of applying of principles of classical homeopathy.

In order to solve this problem it has been suggested a method of choosing homeopathic remedies according to the similarity principle based on the interdependance conditions in animals and their owners. Similarity of pet and owner appearance is not recent. The Authors reported on similarity not only in pets and owners appearance but also on their potential for acquiring similar diseases; they suggested the use of psychological characteristics of humans in selection of homeopathic remedies for animal treatment.

These problems were also met by authors from Belgium, Brazil, Poland, UK and India.



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