Clinical case

REX is a male german shepherd born in July 2000.

Dr.Andrea Dettagliati, Dr.Francesca Pisseri

First homeopathic visit: June 2007

Rex, canine leishmaniasis positive, with clinical signs such as dermatitis/ gastrointestinal disorders and significant blood analysis has got allopurinol and antimonate N-Methylglucamine cycles with alternating but not permanent results.

"Since the beginning he had an attitude as leader, not obedient, we had to lead in training".

"Continually running away, not coming back when called".

" He looks for the pampering, but only when he wants it.  Sometimes he is warm-hearted, sometimes not effusive, he doesn't have a stable character, he's moody, lunatic".

"He is not servile, sometimes he does not even look at you".

During the visit he shows alternation of mood, sometimes waging the tail and laying the face, sometimes staring at me. He'd like to stand out from the examination room but resigns himself to stay inside because of the owners.

"Never stands still for a minute, never rests. "
"Always tense, is a dog that burns."
"He 's never still even for a minute."

"He likes to bath in the sea, loves the water. "
"Even at the sea he is always around, never stands still like other dogs, is hyperactive, he behaves like a tsetse fly"

During the visit he runs around, he seems anxious.

"With my niece he is very protective, even if he never becomes really aggressive towards people who approach her. "
"He's very independent, he often ran away."
"When reproached he is offended and moody for days"

Once we have inadvertently closed him into the garage: he didn't bark. He wanted to leave but could not on his own, so he decided not to bark to call, just waiting for us to notice it."

"Allergic to all kind of meat. Skin allergy and intestinal bloating and diarrhea. When he has diarrhea, he loses weight".

"He licks especially the two hind legs and the front left. Now it's a bit better, but sometimes he licks himself obstinately, causing serious injury".

"Often he goes to hide to lick because he knows that he will be reproached and must stop".

Rex has clinical signs of leg- and elbow dermatitis. Generalized lymphadenopathy. Mild redness of the ear and intestinal bloating

We decided to administer Zincum Iodatum, for the analogy with the characteristics common to Iodum, Zincum, iodine salts and zinc salts. The clinical symptoms were considered only as polar and organotropic.

In the 4 years of follow up Rex has maintained an excellent clinical presentation regarding gastrointestinal and dermatologic manifestations. The values of the parameters chosen as indicators of the disease (albumine and gamma globuline) returned into the range with only homeopathic therapy, altered only in the periods in which the remedy administration was arbitrarily interrupted by the owners. Subsequent administration of Zincum Iodatum, in successive dilutions, have always led to a rapid normalization of blood parameters and clinical symptoms.


Zinc salts

Sensation of loneliness, possessiveness

Skin polarity

Alternation of symptoms

Difficulty in relating

Iodine salts

As in Iodum there is often the idea of burning, to be consumed


Strong independence

Mingled in the group but wants to demonstrate its independence and autonomy, wants to assert his personality. Does not accept hierarchy. 
Great desire to work, to move, needs freedom of movement. 
Idea of burning, of consume.
 Glandular enlargements.


Ambivalent core

Unable to really express and ask directly

Need for freedom in life, never feeling content.

Hyperkinesia, often also referred to the gastrointestinal polarity.

The search for coherence between the homeopathic symptoms is a key aspect of the Method of Complexity (Mangialavori, Marotta,2004), a symptom acquires value and importance in the analysis of the case if it belongs to a coherent group.

The meaning of the sign is in its integrated reading along with other similar symptoms; so the systemic reading is the basis of this method that presents important analogical elements.


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