Casi clinici


    Homeopath: from Switzerland


    Manuel is 31 year old man whose aim in life is to get into the film- business in the USA. Since his first stay in the U.S. 4 years ago, he suffers of digestive problems (flatulence, regurritations) and fatigue, which limits him that much mentally that he could not return to the States as planned. Neither colonwashes nor a radical diet could help him. Bov. C 200 lead to a quick and marked amelioration of the general condition and his pleasure in life, while the digestive problems first did change their pattern: subjectively he now perceived the symptoms more as an isolated problem and not so much affecting him as a whole. After a relapse the remedy had to be repeated after 8 months in same potency. Then not only  the energetic and psychic situation got better,  the digestive problems disappeared as well. The last contact was one year after the repetition, he did change his job meanwhile and was planning another journey into the USA.