Casi clinici


    Homeopath: from Switzerland


    The baby Marvin suffered from very frequent feverish colds, often triggered by his mother leaving him in the crib. He tended to coryza, cough, earache, suppuration and blockage of the Eustachian tubes. After delivery, he had had asphyxia neonatorum, a birth trauma and torticollis, he was separated from his mother into the incubator.

    He is a very yielding child, easy-to-have, affectionate and curious. His development is slower than average and he likes to eat all the time, he especially desires red fruit. A possible differential diagnosis could have been Calcerea.

    Chocolate helped him considerably in every respect, chronically as well as in different acute situations. Treatment started in his first year of age and it is the only high potency remedy he ever had in the following two years since then.