Casi clinici


    Homeopath: from Switzerland

    Abstract Limulus

    Andrea, 31 years of age suffers of recurrent and long lasting colds with fever, feverblisters, bonepains and especially pain in her jaws since having given birth to her first child. Subjectively, the worst is that these colds do hinder her in her job, being a graphic designer as freelancer. When in stress, she develops an eczema around her eyes. Since she has been 16 years old she suffers as well of hayfever and an allergy against cats hair, which leads to strong attacks of sneezing every morning.

    After Limulus C 200 the tendency to take colds and her allergies dissapeared. During the last 4 years the remedy had to be repeated 3 times and worked as well during the acute attack. Meanwhile Andrea did integrate her feminine side in an obvious way.

    In one of the follow ups, Andrea told that as a child, she recurrently dreamt of an atlantic "Schwertschwanz" (Limulus polyphemus) and that books about sea- animals have always been her favorite books

    (Complete case is in English)