In Argentina, only qualified medical doctors, who have been trained and graduated from a recognized medical school, are allowed to practise homeopathy.

The Associaciòn Médica Homeopáthica Argentina you find Here


Training programs you may look for are offered by these schools:

Escuela Médica Homeopática Argentina

"Dr. Tomás P.Paschero"

Sánchez de Bustamante 278, Buenos Aires, Internet: Here


Fundacion Homeos

Instituto Superior de Homeopatia Clinica.

Av. Santa Fe 1863, 4th floor.

(1123)Buenos Aires, Argentina.

tel/fax 5411-4812-5565.

Internet: Here


Sociedad Argentina de Medicina Homeopática, Catamarca 839, Barrio Gral. Paz

5000 Córdoba

tel/fax +54-351-4282102