In Austria, medical doctors and dentists may practice homeopathy.

An EU- Diploma / Master (MSc) Integrated Health sciences at the Interuniversity College in Graz is offered, where homeopathy is tought, being one part of an integrative approach. Internet: Here

Austrian Association of Homeopathic Doctors ( OEGHM) Internet: Here

Homeopathic training is available for medical doctors and medical students. Basic training takes 3 years. The diploma is acknowleged by the official Health Department (Oesterreichische Aerztekammer). The OEGHM offers a special training for pharmacists and veterinarian doctors as well.

Internet for veterinarian doctors: Here

Association for Homeopathic Doctors  (AEKH) Internet: Here.

It was founded 1991 and the aim of the AEKH is to provide education and training on a high level based on the original concept and teachings of Samuel Hahnemann. They offer a 3 years training program in Homeopathy, after which a diploma is given.

At the Medical University Vienna, an "Outpatients Unit for malignant Diseases" has been established. There, patients from the Cancer Clinic can be treated homeopathically. Prof. Michael Frass is running this Unit. Furthermore, the "Institute for Homeopathic Research" has been founded by Prof. Frass in order to support homeopathic research.

SIH-Students Initiative Homoeopathy in Vienna

This initiative supports profound training already during medical studies at the University. They inform about news, seminars, education issues and working groups in Austria. Medical doctors as well as students join the seminars , they can validate 200 hours of their formation for the homeopathic diploma in Austria. The referents are well known all over the world and teach classical homeopathy, all of them.

Internet: Here (currently blocked by Web. administrator),

Josefstädter Straße 20/18, 1080 Wien, Österreich , Telefonnr. +43 660 7367497


Classical Homeopathy for midwifes

This website informs about classical homeopathy for midwifes in Austria, Internet: Here