Homeopathy is one of 4 complementary methods legally recognized in Belgium. An approved education in homeopathy is required for practising. Both medical doctors and lay pratctitioners may practise homeopathy.

The Belgium National Homeopathic Union is the Belgian homeopathic M.D.'s list and is a recognised professional union that has for object to group some physicians, veterinary and dentists who admit as primer criteria for their Homeopathic practice the law of similar, definite by Hippocrate and formulated by Hahnemann ": Similia Similibus Curentur "

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The Clinical Training Center for Classical Homeopathy (Dr. Alfons Geukens) you can contact Here.

In this center, doctors can go through a three-year clinical training program (full-time-training) in Classical Homeopathy.

This 3-years full-time-training is unique in Europe. It is only accessible for doctors, who want to specialize themselves in Classical Homeopathy.