In Germany, only medical doctors and lay practitioners may practise homeopathy. Either a medical University degree or the successfully passed exam as "Heilpraktiker" is required. Midwifes may practice homeopathy in special situations such as during labor or while accompanying pregnancy.

Homeopathic training for doctors takes several years and is certified by the regional official Health System (regionale Aerztekammer). Professional training is provided for doctors, veterinarians and pharmacists by the:

German Medical Homepathic Association Deutscher Zentralverein Homoeopathischer Aerzte (DZVhAE).  Internet: Here

Currently, there is no University Masters degree available in Germany (like this is provided in the UK, for example).

The Organisation for lay practitioners is the Verband Deutscher Heilpraktiker, VDH

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There are 3 hospitals, which mainly use classical homeopathy:

1)Waldhausklinik, Deuringen

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2)Krankenhaus fuer Naturheilweisen, Munich

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3)Paediatric section of University of Munich

Dr.von Haunersches Kinderspital

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Homeopathic treatment is covered partially by the official health-insurances.