Although homeopathy is not regulated by law in the United Kingdom, the National Health System runs 4 homeopathic hospitals (see below). There are also a number of organisations for non-medically qualified homeopaths, the largest of them is the Society of Homeopaths.

In the United Kingdom some treatment is funded by the National Health Service (NHS), and some health insurance companies will recognise treatment by homeopaths.

Masters degree in Homeopathy at the University of Central Lancashire, Internet: Here

Bachelor (B.Sc.) in Homeopathy, 3 years undergraduate at the University of Westminster, London,  Internet: Here

Bachelor (B.Sc.) in Homeopathy, 2 years undergraduate at the University of Salford, Manchester, Ingternet: Here

The Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA) established in 1985, is a non-profit making recognised body of qualified professional homeopaths. Their members have passed a qualifying examination at an approved college, or can otherwise prove their eligibility to the satisfaction of the Council. To ensure that the public may seek treatment with absolute confidence, members are bound by the HMA's strict Code of Ethics and Practice, and are obliged to carry Professional Indemnity Insurance. The Association represents its members with Government and other professional bodies, and is affiliated with the Complementary Medical Association. Internet: Here

The Society of Homeopaths (SOH) is the largest organisation registering professional homeopaths in Europe. Their vision is 'homeopathy for all' and they aim to achieve this both by supporting their membership and by raising the profile of homeopathy in general. The SOH you can contact Here

The British School of Homeopathy (BSH) is dedicated to training and graduating highly qualified and motivated professional homoeopaths who have the necessary skills to help secure improved health for all their patients, and the financial success for themselves by the ethical use of their learned skills and knowledge. To contact the BSH, click Here

To contact the School of Homeopathy (founded by Misha Norland in 1981) click Here

To contact the Dynamis School (founded by Jeremy Sherr) click Here

Homeopathic Hospitals in the UK:

--- Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, Internet: Here

--- Royal London Hospital for integrated Medicine, Internet: Here

--- Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, Internet: Here

--- Liverpool Department of Homeopathic Medicine, a complementary cancer clinic, Phone: + ??-  151- 285 3707