Casi clinici Vet


Case  of an arabic horse

Homeopath: Massimo Mangialavori, Italy

Arabian long distance race horse, 2,5 years.


For being able to run the  120 km - competition, he had to be in top condition.  After a strong competition  he lost a lot of weight, 30 kg , because of perspiring.  He got severe disease of respiratory tract with the risk of emphysema.  Got cortisone.  He became so weak that he was almost apathic, although the infection was over. Perspiration on slight exertion. Now the horse was absolutely easily frightened, though he used to be very friendly.  Behaving like hospitalismus, throwing his head from one side to another.  He even injured himself.

The horse as well was a victim of the high expectations, because he is the son of a very good racing horse.


He always has been very much afraid of water, after the derangement much moreso. When he has to drink, he is not able to put his mouth into the water. When the veterinarian entered the stable, he jumped out to take a sip of water. He did this repeatedly. During the last competition there were a lot of ponds of water to cross, even some part inside of a river. He was absolutely frightened, perspired a lot from fright. He stopped suddenly in a stubborn way, because he wanted to urinate. After that competition he always did this when they wanted to ride him in the countryside.



--- ailments after influenza

--- ailments from convulsions

--- lack of reaction

--- weakness after prolonged fever, after influenza

--- knocking his head against wall

--- sudden urination



was the remedy given


Mad dogs plant, used for treatment of hydrophobia in dogs, fits all the symptoms of the case

Traditionally, it was used for treatment of hyperthyreoidism.


See in our Materia medica, it is used for hydrophobia. The plant is growing very close to the water, only one sort of Mentha is growing close to water, too ( of the labiata).


Name: Scull cap

Kind of cup-form in its flower, can contain water.



after Scut. he was able to regain his lost weight. Cough went away in 10 days. After 2 months perspiration was n ormal, fear of water is gone commpletely.

 The horse is in stable condition under homeopathic treatment with Scut. since few years.




In this case the theme of water plays an important rol, the theme comes up very strong. Water is one of the most important female representatives. Generally speaking, most probably the female side cannot be integrated that well into the personalities structure in beings who need this remedy. It seems to be a theme of the Labiatae. In this kind of personality, which is shown by the Arabic horse we see the that the male side is very prominent, the need to win at any costs and to get stressed with this enormously.


Theme of competition:

Seems to play an important rol in Scutellaria, as it seems to be for many Labiatae.

Nowadays it is common to have only one or two kids, and you can invest a lot in them, so you easily can ask and demand too much out of them, a kind of expectation they are submitted to, to have success in life. There is no culture of showing emotions nowadays.

Lots of people are overdoing, overdoing, and this is a common thing today. Here these plants are of great use, and even they are used in daily life very often as herbs (Saliva, Rosmarinus, Thyme…) Still we cannot say that all labiatae are overworking people and there are lots of homeopathic remedies with the symptom of overwork and overactivity.


Scut. belongs botanically to the group of Labiatae, but it is not so much homoeopathically  in labiatae-line, may be it belongs homeopathically more to the group of  Solanacea for example, which more shows into another directrion, as they have more fears for example