new proving of Hepatitis C and Cyclosporin

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Proving of Ricinus communis

A proving of Ricinus communis (2006) is available Here

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Re-proving of Skookum chuck (1998)

The re-proving of Skookum chuck, conducted by the CCRH, India in 1998 as a multicentric randomized, double blind and placebo-

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New provings available, Promethium mur, Papaya et al.

New provings of Promethium muriaticum, Papaya et al.

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New provings available, Acridotheres tristis and Dendroaspis ang

See the area Provings to have a look to the new interesting trials!

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New substances for your hom. study, Cardi-h, Cordy, Calc.

For extended homeopathic study of our new and old materia medica, we implemented information on Cardiospermum halicacabum, Cordyceps sinensis and

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2 new cases for Delphi, Astac. + Carc.

2 new cases for your study added to the Delphi- Database, Astacus fluviatilis (7 month old child with atopic dermatitis) 

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